Welcome to The Edge of the Eclipse

Edge of the Eclipse is a character-focused Eclipse Phase campaign. It has so far encompassed the fall of Earth, the outer system, Luna and Venus. The PCs are a fairly tight-knit group who do some work for firewall but also have their own agenda.

The characters:
Nara Ximinez: A Hypercorp Black Marketeer, Nara has connections throughout the inner system and has spent most of her time since the fall finding out valuable information and using it or selling it to the highest bidder. A techno-progressivist, Nara has become familiar with transhumanist technology and x-threats. She is still looking for that big score, and is hoping it will come from Titan technology despite the fact that everything relating to the Titans she has encountered has been far too dangerous to be useful. She plans to put together a mission to earth to find valuable artefacts, as long as she has the resources and intelligence to make it worthwhile.

Xue Yao-Guai: An ego-hunter, mercenary and former member of the lost project. Xue was infected by some kind of Titan weapon during the fall, but his memories have been altered and he knows little about what happened to him until he escaped the lost project. On the search for answers and vengeance, Xue has so far learned little about his own past but has embarked on a successful singing career. He must now decide whether to continue his career or help the rest of the group on their expedition to earth.

Doctor Randy Greenfield: A Titanian explorer, Randy has studied and worked since the fall in an attempt to become a gatecrasher. Due to the intense competition in gate operations, Randy has had to content himself with scientific research and learning whatever he can about xenobiology. He considers working for Firewall to be a great opportunity to learn about the strange and dangerous entities and phenomena that Transhumanity may have to face in the future. His inquisitiveness has also made him and expert on x-threats, and among other things a sci-fi buff. His main goal is to travel through a gate and explore new worlds. He also wants to buy his own spaceship.

Toby: A devoted synthmorph activist, Toby refuses to upgrade from a case morph and carries out a practical and ascetic existence. Apart from working for the recognition and rights of synthmorphs, particularly Lunar workers, Toby has demonstrated his willingness to sacrifice himself for the defence of Transhumanity and his comrades. He has taken up travelling and working for Firewall in large part to try to gain support for the Lunar rights movement and to try to find solutions to the problems faced by the disadvantaged classes of humanity.

Alphonse: An enigmatic highly skilled Opctopus uplift. Apart from his expertise in space operations and technical matters, Alphonse has also shown a surprising aptitude for combat and black operations. A loner by nature, he has little contact with his old corporate masters or uplift groups, preferring to find his own way. His only obsession is with water, and to one day swim in the oceans of his ancestors.

Edge of the Eclipse

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