Edge of the Eclipse

Luna Part 2

Robots Should Have Rights, Titians Should Not

Part 2. The Robot Spring

At Toby’s request the group travelled to the industrial city of Erato shortly before Fall Day. Toby wanted to check up on his old Worker’s Rights cell and particularly a confidant named Penn. Managing to make it to one meeting of the group, Toby realised things had changed drastically under the leadership of a Synthmorph known as Franz Richter. The group is much larger and uses some strange presentation techniques, and it seems something big is going to go down on Fall Day.

Meanwhile, the other relax except for Nara, who went digging for information and learns that a company called Syntech has some secret operation involving a drilling operation in an old mine underneath Erato. When Toby returned from the meeting the group realised he was acting strangely zealous and euphoric and that it was the aftereffects of a narco-algorithm. After getting Toby cleaned at the robo-doctor he was a bit depressed but declined to tell the group anything.

Nara decided to mount a raid on Syntech’s headquarter to steal their secrets, using the Fall Day holiday as cover. A successful incursion turned into panic when they found that most of the lab’s staff were dead and that it was staffed by synthmorphs who were manufacturing chemical weapons and disassembler nanites – including one Franz Richter. Stealing a “Buddy Brick” – an extremely dangerous Titan artefact, the group hastily retreated and contacted Firewall to tell them that something was terribly wrong.

Upon reaching a Firewall safehouse, a Firewall expert egocasted in and confirmed that the synthmorphs had probably been infected by a Titan infovirus carried by the brick. The group kitted up and headed out to try to do something, but found that Fall Day had brought chaos to the city. After taking out a resistance headquarters and killing Franz Richter, they realised that they had to track the problem to its source and headed into the old mine.

At first the mine seemed deserted, but Randy and Toby wasted no time in rigging a large bomb from mining explosives. It was in the nick of time as well, as a large piece of mining equipment revealed itself to be a Titan construct. After a short chase through the mines and an intense battle with plasma weapons, Randy desperately detonated the bomb – killing himself and burying the Titan.

Hoping that this would help, the remaining team returned to Erato to find the chaos even worse. They managed to return the safehouse and get Randy resleeved in a spare synthmorph. The group then split up to try to “help out” in various ways. They destroyed a Titan communications server, prevented the city’s main airlock from being blown open and stopped the resistance group from publicly broadcasting a basilisk hack / narcoalgorithm at the main rally crowd. As the riots intensified, the group moved to intercede in a standoff between resistance fighters and the Fall Day celebrity guest party – including Mercer Brown, the daughter of the LLA’s head of security. Seeing no way to break the deadlock, Xue ordered Alphonse to shoot and kill Mercer Brown, demoralising both sides of the conflict.

In the aftermath, LLA forces staged a crackdown on the resistance groups. Toby helped to negotiate a ceasefire and handover of the city to the military forces while the rest of the group fled off Luna before any of their deeds could catch up with them.



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