Edge of the Eclipse

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The story so far...

Adventure 1 – The Fall

The characters, including Toby, Alphose, Nara, Buck the Survivalist and some Mafia guy who’s name I can’t remember, all find themselves waking up at a strange house. They are strangers but each seem familiar to each other and none remember how they got to this place. Soon realising things are badly wrong, they evade the systems trying to keep them in place and manage to hack their way out of a simulspace and back to the real world.

They are in total darkness, and remember that they were riding the subway when something happened. All mech access is down and any systems they can access seem to be malfunction, however they manage to leave the car and find a maintenance exit. Travelling up through the labyrinthine maintenance tunnels, they eventually find themselves in an enormous shopping mall. There are many people unconscious and all screens in the mall seem to be showing a signal which will knock anyone who sees them into unconsciousness. After creating some countermeasures, the PCs discovered that robots from the large nanofac store are murdering the unconscious people and taking their heads. Upon investigating this, Xue discovers that the robots are extracting stacks before he is attacked an injected with some kind of toxic. After a short battle the PCs leave the mall, dodging automated cars which are now trying to kill them and make it to a civil defence shelter at the local police station.

After freeing some prisoners still in the cells the PCs receive a radio message about evacuations to space elevators and flee through the deserted city in police vehicles. Eventually the make it to an airport and fly the last remaining plane to the Pacific space elevator, which they find in total chaos. Realising the situation is dire and not everyone will make it out, Toby egocasts himself leaving his body behind while the other characters organise a last remaining elevator trip tp evacuate as many people as possible.

Adventure 2 – Continuity

The character’s, bound together by their experience during the fall, leave the chaos of the inner system to work in space. After working on a remote station for months, they awake one day to find that an emergency has occurred. They left the station on the only shuttle to assist a mining vessel , now both have gone silent. They are backup and must find out what has happened to their originals.

After the mining ship docked with the station, they boarded to find that it was infected by a virulent and dangerous form of the exurgent virus. After battling the exurgent versions of themselves, they realised that the infection would spread and used mining explosives to destroy both the vessels and themselves.

Adventure 3 – Think Before Asking

Now established members of Firewall, the team are called upon to investigate a missing anti-matter warhead. After following a trail through some of the stranger habitats in the Saturn system, they arrive at the remote religious outpost of the moon Fornjot.

Finding the former religious order inhabiting to the moon to be either dead or turing into AI researchers who now seem to be insane, the PCs gradually uncover a plot by an unknown party to use the station for dangerous AI research – and the seed AI they created was still operating. After confronting the oracle AI and realising it’s defences were far too strong, Randy decided to ask it some questions and set the AI in motion to turn Randy into a super-cyborg with a mission to save the human race by whatever means possible. Realising the danger, the rest of the party retreated to the surface and tracked down the buried antimatter warhead. The party set to warhead manually before leaving, and the moon was destroyed just as the modifier Randy-cyborg was completed and leaving the station.



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