Edge of the Eclipse

The Perils of Forking

After some assassins trashed the apartment Xue won in the competition, the group decided to go into the server and find out what was going on. Xue bowed out to follow his career.

Realising the server had a restricted interface, they inserted forks of themselves and found themselves in a dismal series of caverns designed to break down egos using psychological damage. Soon they fell through into a simulspace where thousands of egos were being trained in harsh military systems by limited AIs. They recognised that may of the protocols were similar to the Ultras. They also found that Francis’ ego was still in the simulation, however he had bypassed some of the controls and gained control over some of the simulation by having a higher “rank”.

The simulation was terminated after seven days, then the group found themselves dumped into new bodies in a darkened egocasting centre. The realised they were on earth and found a message from themselves about “doing something useful”, then encountered and earth survivor who had been sent to help them. Ezekiel, the survivor, was a little crazy and thought that Firewall were aliens but eventually they were driving a salvaged jeep over post-apocalypse Canada towards the gate location.

Passing lots of ruined scenery, they recovered a drop pod full of equipment sent by their “prime” versions, including a QE reservoir. After some travel they were warned about an unknown pod which dropped nearby and went to find it. The found a two-person pod with some strange damage and a bare skeleton with an oddly familiar smart vacsuit.

They realised something had attacked the pod just before a self-replicating disassembler swarm, forcing them to flee to a disused mine. In their rush they partly separated and fell into hidden caverns and were attacked by predator exhumans, Nara becoming quite badly injured. Finding their vehicle ruined by the swarm, they left on foot to find a survivor camp that Ezekiel knew nearby.

After reaching a junkyard, Ezekiel left to contact his friends while the PCs looked around. Both Nara and Alphonse found interesting stuff but then started having hallucinations – Nara about predators and Alphonse about a giant robot. They both ran off while Toby chased them and Randy searched, finding an underground entrance. Nara and Alphonse were caught and had a microwave placed on their head by the survivors, destroying the infovirus they had caught by frying their mesh inserts.

The survivors provided some medical assistance and the group managed to meet up, then they were tacked to see “the boss”. Find that the camp was fairly grim and seemed run fairly strictly, they were amazed to find the leader of the militant group was Francis Stevenson. Nara did the talking and managed not to let anything on, but Francis seemed suspicious. The session ended with the group agreeing to “do a favour” in return for the help they had been given so far.

Alphonse fell ill, so Toby agreed to perform the “entertainment”, and was dumped into the local arena for some one-on-one combat. The other combatant turned out to be a Claudia Amberlina clone who had come down in the pod after finding out that her organisation was being heavily influenced by Francis. Claudia and Toby talked while sparring and agreed to put on a show, with Toby taking a dive and getting off with a few bruises.

Claudia was released by Francis and conferred with the group, agreeing to help them in order to try to find out about Francis. They decided to leave as soon as possible to travel to the gate location, however Randy decided to ask Francis for supplied, which he was happy to provide. The journey was fairly uneventful except for the discovery that some of the supplies had tracers in them.

After hiking for a couple of days they came ot a partially collapsed entrance to what was obviously once a military base. After a bit of exploration and fighting TITAN bots, the crew decided to head for the bottom level and found an enormous hole leading straight down.

A song for Venus

On the way to Venus Xue became enthused about the upcoming “Venus Experiment” song contest and recorded and entry for the auditions. Toby stayed behind on Luna to help with the negotiations, but egocast into a used case morph to meet them when they arrived on Octavia. While Xue breezed through the auditions, the rest of the group spread out to do various stuff.

Rudy decided to be on of Xue’s backup dancer and used his scientist cred to get some interest from university students. One of them, a cute girl named Sarah, invited Randy back to the lab at night, however she had been hired by an ultra mercenary “Alpha” who wanted to interrogate him. Alpha explained that “Super Spaceship Randy” had mounted a massive attack against discord gate and passed through into the gate system. Alpha was surprised when Randy agreed to help with intelligence on SSR and let him go.

Meanwhile, Xue, Toby and Nara worked on the act, hiring a talented but out of favour fashion designed named Fujita Ito to design costumes and sets. The contest kicked off with a bang with some rather odd contestants, and the group foiled an attempted attack on the reformist rock band “Life on the Edge”. They later discovered that Life on the Edge were rumoured to be supported by the PC, but declined to get involved in rock band politics. Highest points in the first round were scored by Year Zog – a neo-hominid drum band from Moustier, but Xue wasn’t far behind after wowing the audience with cosmos-inspired operatic electronica.

Shortly before Xue’s second performance for the competition, the group received a message from the Toymaker that the missing boy was on a hidden aerostat known as Cloud Nine that was currently not far from Octavia. The Toymaker told them that other people may have the same intelligence, so they should hurry. Xue and Nara decided to hire bodies so the performance wouldn’t suffer, then they hired a shuttle and headed for Cloud Nine.

On approached to the rogue aerostat they realised it had been damaged and the cargo bay was torn open, so they decided to land. They found another shuttle craft already there and a battle going on between Nine Lives and an invading force of Pax Familia. After a tense stand-off, Claudia Ambelina (one of them) negotiated with the PCs to get Francis out while Nine Lives were occupied. She agreed that Francis could decide who he left with.

After sneaking through the station and gaining the trust of an indentured scientist, the group found Francis was attached with some strange hardware to a large server. Surmising that the server contained stolen egos, the group tried to use subterfuge to steal it but a firefight ensued, resulting in some injuries and a few dead Nine Lives members. Eventually they got Francis unhooked from the machine safely and took both him and the server back to the cargo bay by redirecting some of Nine Lives’ own defence systems. They talked to Francis and he told them about some of experiences on earth, including what they assumed was a Pandora gate hidden underground in colorado.

Francis decided to go with Claudia to her private space station, however the PCs left with the ego server, scientist and some other valuable stuff before Claudia destroyed the aerostat with a portable nuke.

Nara organised for the server to be hidden in a cargo bay on Octavia, then found out from a contant that a contract had been taken out on Xue and Alphonse for 250,000 credits each, presumably by the LLA. During the final performance of the contest the group had to warn off some mercenaries and do a bit of social engineering, thanks to this and a great performance Xue won the competition just ahead of year Zog.

Luna Part 2
Robots Should Have Rights, Titians Should Not

Part 2. The Robot Spring

At Toby’s request the group travelled to the industrial city of Erato shortly before Fall Day. Toby wanted to check up on his old Worker’s Rights cell and particularly a confidant named Penn. Managing to make it to one meeting of the group, Toby realised things had changed drastically under the leadership of a Synthmorph known as Franz Richter. The group is much larger and uses some strange presentation techniques, and it seems something big is going to go down on Fall Day.

Meanwhile, the other relax except for Nara, who went digging for information and learns that a company called Syntech has some secret operation involving a drilling operation in an old mine underneath Erato. When Toby returned from the meeting the group realised he was acting strangely zealous and euphoric and that it was the aftereffects of a narco-algorithm. After getting Toby cleaned at the robo-doctor he was a bit depressed but declined to tell the group anything.

Nara decided to mount a raid on Syntech’s headquarter to steal their secrets, using the Fall Day holiday as cover. A successful incursion turned into panic when they found that most of the lab’s staff were dead and that it was staffed by synthmorphs who were manufacturing chemical weapons and disassembler nanites – including one Franz Richter. Stealing a “Buddy Brick” – an extremely dangerous Titan artefact, the group hastily retreated and contacted Firewall to tell them that something was terribly wrong.

Upon reaching a Firewall safehouse, a Firewall expert egocasted in and confirmed that the synthmorphs had probably been infected by a Titan infovirus carried by the brick. The group kitted up and headed out to try to do something, but found that Fall Day had brought chaos to the city. After taking out a resistance headquarters and killing Franz Richter, they realised that they had to track the problem to its source and headed into the old mine.

At first the mine seemed deserted, but Randy and Toby wasted no time in rigging a large bomb from mining explosives. It was in the nick of time as well, as a large piece of mining equipment revealed itself to be a Titan construct. After a short chase through the mines and an intense battle with plasma weapons, Randy desperately detonated the bomb – killing himself and burying the Titan.

Hoping that this would help, the remaining team returned to Erato to find the chaos even worse. They managed to return the safehouse and get Randy resleeved in a spare synthmorph. The group then split up to try to “help out” in various ways. They destroyed a Titan communications server, prevented the city’s main airlock from being blown open and stopped the resistance group from publicly broadcasting a basilisk hack / narcoalgorithm at the main rally crowd. As the riots intensified, the group moved to intercede in a standoff between resistance fighters and the Fall Day celebrity guest party – including Mercer Brown, the daughter of the LLA’s head of security. Seeing no way to break the deadlock, Xue ordered Alphonse to shoot and kill Mercer Brown, demoralising both sides of the conflict.

In the aftermath, LLA forces staged a crackdown on the resistance groups. Toby helped to negotiate a ceasefire and handover of the city to the military forces while the rest of the group fled off Luna before any of their deeds could catch up with them.

We might be messed up, but at least we're not that guy

Part 1. Childhood’s End

After working on a long-haul freighter to get back to the inner system, the PCs took a break in the Lunar city of Nectar.

While relaxing, Xue received a message from a contact about soe intel. He finds video of a man entering Nectar customs about a week prior. Two things attract Xue’s attention – the man is in a Futura morph, and he appears to use a psychic power on the customs official to deflect suspicion.

The team track the man, “Daniel Phong” to a hotel in Nectar, where Xue confronted him. Although giving Xue his real name “Lian Fang”, the man seemed distant and questioned whether Xue was truly a member of the lost generation. After Lian became a little hostile and expressed his desire to recover “what was taken from him”, Xue decided to leave.

The next day the team received a message from Firewall asking them to investigate a murder. The victim, a man name “Sol Trejo”, was killed by police after a sudden psychopathic episode and was discovered to have an inert exurgent virus in his brain. The PCs were tasked with tracking down the source of the infection and ensuring it did not spread.

Xue began by breaking into Trejo’s apartment to look around, finding some hidden XP chips including a pink sparkly model which appeared to be vintage pre-fall. The chip turned out to be from a children’s birthday party in Tokyo, while the others were taken from neotenic morph which appeared to be used for children in a child-care centre somewhere on Luna.

Deciding that the XP chips were their best clue, the gang hit the streets and found a black market dealer named “Bolo Lime” who ran a nightclub. Nara set up a meeting through contacts and they went in through the front door, except for Xue who assumed his built-in weapons would be a problem. While Xue tried unsuccessfully to sneak in through a service entrance, Nara chatted with Bolo and discovered that one of his dealers had sold the pink chip without his knowledge. The dealer mentioned “The Toymaker” as a source of the neotenic XP chips.

The next day the group voted and decide to talk to the police. After some tricky negotiating, they convinced Julia Bryce – the detective in charge – that they could help and became deputised. Xue secretly tested the inactive exurgent strain found on Trejo’s body and found it was a Watts-McCleod strain, confirming his suspicions that Daniel Phong was the source of the problem. They concluded that altering the brains of the victims and draining some of their cerebral fluid was causing them to turn violently psychotic a short while afterwards.

While using police resources to search for Phong, the PCs used clues from the videolink footage of the dealer to trace her to a park in the same section of the city. After tracking her back to a cheap apartment, Xue broke in by sneaking behind her in a camouflage cloak and uncovered a list of clients. At that point another victim was found – a woman named Susan Paavli who had committed suicide that morning. While Randy went to ask some questions at Paavli’s apartment, the others found out that one person on the client list was an undercover police officer.

Justin Griffin had been investigating black marker operations, including Bolo Lime. The PCs broke into his apartment and found him missing, but tracked clues that indicated he had met Phong the previous night. They uncovered data that Griffin had caught on to the XP trade and the toymaker, but didn’t have enough information to make a case. He had tracked a flying courier to the industrial district, presumably carrying Bolo’s XPs.

On the way to the industrial area the police cameras IDed Phone heading in the same direction, however there were few camera in the district itself. Spreading out to look around, Randy further analysed the XP chips and camera-less areas to narrow the search down to a few units that could hold the child-care centre. Breaking in to one the group found a man tied up in a ego storage room and another darkened room full of frightened children. Phong was in the “lunch room” preparing to steal the memories of a mesmerised child. Xue confronted him but Phong refused to repent – “This is nothing compared to what they did to us.”

Xue shot Phong in the head and was surprised when the other Async simply mouthed “thank you” before the trigger was pulled. Phong’s stack as cut out and hidden in Toby’s secret compartment before the police arrived – case closed!

The man, when untied, explained that he ran the center so that fall orphans stuck as infomorphs could experience bodies, the XPs were a way to help finance the operation. He later told the PCs information about a boy recently escaped from earth who had been taken to Venus by pirates.

Previous Episodes
The story so far...

Adventure 1 – The Fall

The characters, including Toby, Alphose, Nara, Buck the Survivalist and some Mafia guy who’s name I can’t remember, all find themselves waking up at a strange house. They are strangers but each seem familiar to each other and none remember how they got to this place. Soon realising things are badly wrong, they evade the systems trying to keep them in place and manage to hack their way out of a simulspace and back to the real world.

They are in total darkness, and remember that they were riding the subway when something happened. All mech access is down and any systems they can access seem to be malfunction, however they manage to leave the car and find a maintenance exit. Travelling up through the labyrinthine maintenance tunnels, they eventually find themselves in an enormous shopping mall. There are many people unconscious and all screens in the mall seem to be showing a signal which will knock anyone who sees them into unconsciousness. After creating some countermeasures, the PCs discovered that robots from the large nanofac store are murdering the unconscious people and taking their heads. Upon investigating this, Xue discovers that the robots are extracting stacks before he is attacked an injected with some kind of toxic. After a short battle the PCs leave the mall, dodging automated cars which are now trying to kill them and make it to a civil defence shelter at the local police station.

After freeing some prisoners still in the cells the PCs receive a radio message about evacuations to space elevators and flee through the deserted city in police vehicles. Eventually the make it to an airport and fly the last remaining plane to the Pacific space elevator, which they find in total chaos. Realising the situation is dire and not everyone will make it out, Toby egocasts himself leaving his body behind while the other characters organise a last remaining elevator trip tp evacuate as many people as possible.

Adventure 2 – Continuity

The character’s, bound together by their experience during the fall, leave the chaos of the inner system to work in space. After working on a remote station for months, they awake one day to find that an emergency has occurred. They left the station on the only shuttle to assist a mining vessel , now both have gone silent. They are backup and must find out what has happened to their originals.

After the mining ship docked with the station, they boarded to find that it was infected by a virulent and dangerous form of the exurgent virus. After battling the exurgent versions of themselves, they realised that the infection would spread and used mining explosives to destroy both the vessels and themselves.

Adventure 3 – Think Before Asking

Now established members of Firewall, the team are called upon to investigate a missing anti-matter warhead. After following a trail through some of the stranger habitats in the Saturn system, they arrive at the remote religious outpost of the moon Fornjot.

Finding the former religious order inhabiting to the moon to be either dead or turing into AI researchers who now seem to be insane, the PCs gradually uncover a plot by an unknown party to use the station for dangerous AI research – and the seed AI they created was still operating. After confronting the oracle AI and realising it’s defences were far too strong, Randy decided to ask it some questions and set the AI in motion to turn Randy into a super-cyborg with a mission to save the human race by whatever means possible. Realising the danger, the rest of the party retreated to the surface and tracked down the buried antimatter warhead. The party set to warhead manually before leaving, and the moon was destroyed just as the modifier Randy-cyborg was completed and leaving the station.

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