Randy's Quest Log

This is Randy’s Quest Log – for the Mission Earth Mission! This is stored in his PIPBoy. Monetary rewards are total for the mission, rep and rez are per character.

  • TOBY – Find Ray Kurzweil, the world’s first synthmorph – Near Mountain View, California. For the “Synthetic Future” synthmorph activist group. Payment: 100,000 credits in equipment, in advance. Completion: 20 @-rep, 20 rez. They will also provide a portable emergency farcaster.
  • NARA – Retrieve sample #372 from Omnicor Deep Reach aerostat for neo-primitivist reclaimers. Delivered to location in earth’s orbit. Payment is transportation of one container to earth. Completion: 10 e-rep, 30 rez.
  • TOBY – Install monitoring network for TITAN activity on Earth for Firewall. Put at least four stations around the western USA area. Payment: 50,000 credits in advance. Completion: 10 i-rep, 20 rez.
  • RANDY – Take biological samples on Earth using a laboratory – half a dozen soil, air and plant samples in various locations. Payment: access to research data on TITAN activity on earth. Completion: 20 r-rep, 20 rez.
  • ALPHONSE – Record XP in new Tako morph for the Feral Robot company. Payment: 300 creds per day with 1 hour of useable XP, pays off morph discount first (22500 credits). Cred and f-rep bonuses for exciting / interesting / unique XP. Provision of qubit reservoir for trip (20 hours XP or 100 hours video).

Under negotiation:

  • Secure the earth gate from TITANs and other interests for Firewall. Payment: intel / equipment to help do this, possibly other stuff. Completion: 30 rez.
  • RANDY – Find a path from the earth gate to the known gate network. Payment: Depends on faction contacted.
  • ALPHONSE – Investigate ecology of Southern Pacific coast for preservationist reclaimers, possible recovery of data from Tiberius pre-fall underwater laboratory. Payment: ?? they have some resources on Vo Nguyen and possibly intel about conditions on earth. Completion: 10 e-rep, 20 rez.

100,000 hypercorps
50,000 firewall

*5,000 Lab(Randy)
*50,000 Xu Fu morph (Randy)
*20,000 plasma rifle (Nara)
*20,000 plasma rifle (Toby)
*20,000 Slitheroid morph (Nara)
*1,000 – Heavy pistols x 4
*1,000 – Fabber
*??? XPs Recorders x 5
*Gate Thingie
*Whole bunch of clean ectos
*Sniper Rifle (Alphonse)
*Machine gun (Randy)
*Diamond Ax (Randy)

Additional from Synthetic Future: 2 x Spare morphs, 2 x scout missiles, 5 x survival belts
Delivered to as yet unknown location in earth’s orbit

*Mag hook
*Tools – Alphonse
*Repair Spray – everyone.
*Survey bot – ground – x1
*Flying survey bot (UAV)x1
*Nandetector x2
*Quantum communicator.
*Parachute x 5
*Electronic rope
*Breadcrumb positioning system
*Grapple gun
*Portable Lidar/Radar sensor
*Inflatable raft
*Gate probe
*Mapping missile

Randy's Quest Log

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